The world of technology is lagging behind in various inclusion programs

2021 is a year when technology companies must take practical steps, driven by results to divide their industry. The world of technology is lagging behind in various inclusion programs, where minority groups are still considered to be less than 20 percent of employees in large companies such as Google. Deloitte has decided that 2021 is the year the technology industry will address this issue. With so many companies, especially in technology, moving to remote operating levels, hiring is no longer limited by the local region.

With this in mind, Deloitte said this is a great opportunity to grow in the technology industry because companies can hire more candidates.

While many companies have made efforts to divide all their employees, the roles of senior executives, especially those in the C-Suite, are rarely given to children. To create a diverse, inclusive, and sustainable work environment, technology companies need to invest time and money in all aspects of the company to create broader and more efficient employees.

Since 2016, Dr. Richard Munassi has been a leader at Tampa Bay Wave, a non-profit organization that helps entrepreneurs and is committed to building, establishing, and growing technology businesses. Her efforts focus on creating a diverse and inclusive environment in the technology sector, through programs such as Tech Women Rising, and the TechDiversity Accelerator program.
These programs focus on the whole company and how diversity and inclusion efforts can be made at each stage of the process. Here are some of the top ways in which the technology industry can deal with diversity and inclusion in companies.

Acknowledge your representation and focus on your support

Statistically, few make up the minimum number of employees in the STEM industry. This lack of representation across the industry means that those young people who are pursuing a business in STEM need support and access. Make money on purpose, whether financially or in your own time, in companies and sponsorships led by small groups.
When the Tampa Bay Wave began, the company’s efforts focused on supporting the first leaders. When they first saw the diversity in the technological world, they chose to create a team focused on diversity in future technology companies.

For the Munassi group, this means focusing on their acceleration program at the beginning of the first phase of technology at 51% or more owned and operated by a minority, woman, veteran, disabled person, LGBTQ + person or people, any combination of the above ownership.

Embracing low representation is the first step in the growth of diversity in the technology sector because it highlights where companies are lacking.

Understand the long game of diversity and inclusion

If companies sincerely and honestly want to diversify their operations, they should be in it over time. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution and requires dedication and time. This means that any company strategy, from its inception, must allow for continuous and long-term investment in all the company’s potential. To play the long game, companies need to understand how inclusion can be improved in negotiations, recruitment, board, training, and retention of employees.

These things cover everything. Tampa Bay Wave found that, in their cohorts, they need to fund each small company with start-up, medium, and end-to-end business resources with technological success.

The companies selected for each group operate in a non-competitive, collaborative environment and are provided with resources such as individual training, pitch training, sales training, selected workshops, communication events, investment readiness meetings, media training, and exposure.

Know That Your Investment Will Bring Out Results

Like anything, building a healthy, diverse, and inclusive workforce will take time, but diversity efforts will yield results. With this in mind, understand that each step of the process is a critical part of the process. Be aware, too, that technology company that strives for diversity and inclusion are leading the way in the development of solutions and making a difference in their industry.

If your company has not made progress in its efforts to mix and match, know that the state of the industry in 2021 will not leave room for excuses. Diversity should be the focus of every company in the industry, and growth is very important every day. This is the first time, whether you are a student in the STEM world, a technology entrepreneur, or a long-established company. Focus on your efforts to create diversity, creating a holistic approach that puts more people to success.

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