3 Tech Stocks Poised for a Strong Rebound

Friday’s big missing report on April’s nonfat payroll report has a huge impact on the stock market where investors need to take a moment to look. As the report is worse than expected by economists, it points to the fact that the recovery of the labor market from the epidemic could take longer than expected. It can also be a guarantee that the Federal Reserve will not be disrupted any time soon, coupled with high growth rates and declining technology shares so far this month.

That’s why it can pay to start looking at other high-tech stocks that have the potential to replicate in the coming weeks. We’ve seen a lot of good reports from technology companies being sold regularly, which means there might be some good deals out there right now. This is especially true when a job report starts a meeting in a technical field. Let’s take a look at 3 tech stocks ready for a solid return below.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSF)

It was very interesting to see the market response to Microsoft’s Q3 salary, which was surprising but not enough to capture the profits made before the stock was released. Alcoholic beverages can have many different reasons, including the idea that stocks are traded for the completeness of the report. It is also noteworthy that although the company reported a 19% cash growth and a 45% EPSTEIN growth in Q3, other metal so tech companies such as Facebook and Alphabet have released some of the most powerful numbers. No matter, the fact that Microsoft is a fantastic tech stock that might be ready for a solid return in the coming weeks after a recent collapse.

As the largest software company in the world, the company occupies a leading position in desktop and production applications that assist businesses around the world. Impressive is how the company made love to its most successful software and focused on building its offerings for public cloud infrastructure. Microsoft generated $ 17.7 billion in cloud revenue in Q3, an increase of 33% yearlong year, and ensures that more and more companies make digital transitions within a year.

Building Materials (NASDAQ: AMATEUR)

Semiconductor stocks have been on the rise for the past few weeks, but given all the major tails in the industry such as the demand for power and the lack of a global chip, it’s a good market place to look at. One name that emerges is Applied Materials, which is the largest supplier in the world of semiconductor manufacturing machines. As Applied Materials has many solutions used to make everything in the world, it is a company that has established strong relationships with some of the largest tin manufacturers including Samsung Electronics, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, and Intel.

The company reported strong Q1 earnings earlier this year which saw sales increase by 24% annually to $ 5.2 billion. Expenditure should be projected strongly throughout the year and management expects Q2 revenue to increase by 36% year on year. The company reports its Q2 earnings on Thursday, May 20, and we can see the stock meeting on release, especially as it has already returned to its growth in April. The company has a strong track record of earnings, and it should be noted that the stock has recovered all major moving averages last week which is a sign of strength in the technology sector at this time.


It’s hard to trust a place to grow in the market right now, but if you’re looking for a quality name in that space which could be one of the first words to recoup, this stock is worth the money you pay. PayPal is a technology platform and digital payment company that assists retailers and consumers with digital and mobile payment transactions. With a variety of payment solutions including PayPal, PayPal Credit, Venom, Xoom, and more, the company has established itself as a leading player in the finitely industry.

With low pay rates and new updates including an app that allows customers to buy, hold and sell crypt I currency, this is a technology stock that emerges for all the right reasons. While expectations are high for the company to prove its metrics, investors should not underestimate how fast the world is paying digitally in the aftermath of this epidemic. PayPal reported a total payment amount of $ 285 billion in Q1, increased by 50% annually, and brought the strongest Q1 results in the company’s history. Although market responses following the report have been silenced, it may be a matter of time before the stock resumes.

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